Specialising in educational, image-based books, print and digital editions.

Print Editions

Ebook Editions

  • Multiple digital formats for wide availability.
  • PDF editions – fixed layout for computer or tablet.
  • Reflow ebooks¬†– have been adopted as the global standard by book publishers, readers, and the makers of mobile devices including Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android-based tablets and mobiles.

Reflow ebooks

  • Text and images re-flow automatically to suit different sized mobile devices¬†including iPad, iPhone, Kindle App, eReaders, tablets and smartphones.
  • Read in horizontal or vertical format simply by turning the device side-ways and the text and images will automatically reflow. (Available on most mobile devices.)
  • Bookmark one or¬†multiple¬†pages.
  • Notes can be easily added to any page.
  • One-click access to your bookmarks and notes.
  • One-touch page turn.
  • High resolution screens give superb image display on smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Keyword search.
  • Touch a word or selection of words for immediate access to¬†definitions¬†and option to search Google or Wikipedia for more information on the selected word(s).
  • Link from any page directly to Contents page.
  • Contents page links directly to specific chapters or sub-sections of the book.
  • One-touch change screen brightness.
  • Social media integration – one-click access to share specific content on Twitter or Facebook (Kindle).
  • One-click link to website pages listed in the book content.
  • Quick access to change font size and colour.
  • One-click link to email or print any notes you have made about the content (iBooks).
  • Indexing¬†– one-click access to wherever selected content is mentioned in the book.
  • One-click link to website pages listed in the book content.
  • Ability to embed audio and video.


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